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Double Portion Ministries has a vision of “bringing Christ’s revelation to the nations.”  This is realized through partnerships with indigenous leaders.  In Asia, this vision is going forward through Double Portion Asia, which is a founded charitable trust recognized by the government of India.  It has become the base for all our Asian ministries.


Double Portion Asia has been given a special burden to assist pastors and church leaders with building up their churches and ministries in Asia. Double Portion Asia plans to fulfill this task through:


1. Evangelism: Through city and village crusades we effectively reach the masses. Through personal relationships and one-on-one evangelism we reach individuals.


2. Church Planting: Through partnering with key community leaders we effectively start and maintain non established and slightly established churches in villages.


3.  Pastoral Training and Encouragement: Through training and workshops we provide pastors and church leaders with the tools and resources necessary to teach, lead,
     and guide their churches.


4.  Community Building: Through community building projects we show the love of Christ by training, employing, and assisting targeted communities. (Bore wells, schools,
     food assistance programs, tutoring, widows and aged rehab centers)


Double Portion Asia Partnership


Would you consider helping us reach Asia?  Currently there are 3 areas where we are seeking assistance.


1.  Community Building Partnership

     Medical Camps - Village Tutoring Centers - Bore Wells - Housing repair – Food Assistance


2.  Church Partnership

     Building and Repairing Structures – Generators – Sound equipment – Micro businesses


3.  Pastor Sponsorships

     Transportation – Monthly Salaries – Housing Assistance – Bible College Scholarships -


If you would like more information on any of these areas or if you would like to be a partner in our upcoming or ongoing Double Portion Asia projects please contact us via email ( or call 251-458-2788.



Double Portion Ministries is making headway into communities and cities with the visible gospel.  Through various acts of servant evangelism as well as vocal proclamation we are making Christ's love known to many in many different ways. Our outreaches include open air meetings, street witnessing, school campus ministry, after school programs, and many other facets of sharing the gospel.  We also believe that outreaches have a lasting effect when we display Christ’s love openly to the cities.  Through community building projects and Christian service we can open hearts for Jesus. Each church is unique and each community is different.  That is why DBL Portion Ministries specifically tailors each one of our outreaches to meet your vision and goals.  We believe that this makes a difference which will be seen for years to come.


If you are looking to touch your community through an outreach, please contact our offices and let us personalize your next outreach. We are happy to assist you in planning and facilitating many various forms of community wide outreaches.


A lign ment  [uh-lahyn-muh nt]

a process of adjusting the different areas of our lives that are out of sync with God's purposes.


The Alignment Conference is an event that has been designed to give you the best atmosphere to hear from God.

Alignment CNF will help you check up, focus in, and re-adjust the areas of your life in the direction that God desires you to go.


What is the purpose of an Alignment CNF?

Alignment CNF will create an opportunity for you to gain a clearer picture about:


1. What God is saying to you

2. What God is expecting from you

3. Where God is directing the specific areas of your life


The ALIGNMENT CNF is broken down into 3 sessions over a 29 hr period:


1. Disconnection Session= Session 1 will directly challenge you to focus on the now and eliminate what is not essential for this moment

2. Deconstruction Session= A workshop geared towards taking necessary amounts of time to evaluate what is on track and off track in your life.

3. Directional Session= Session 3 is designed for you to engage God and reset your life’s pursuits with the renewed focus that you have gained throughout the weekend.


Stay Tuned For More Information about our 2014 ALIGNMENT CNF!



DBL Portion Evangelism Camp (DPEC) is a 5 day event that trains individuals and churches in various forms and stages of evangelism.


During the camp there will be hands on training and opportunities for each attendee.  Teams will be guided through various outreach events and will plan and prepare different presentations of the gospel.  Those that attend DPEC will leave with a full set of tools to share the Good News when they return home.

DPEC incorporates the following to accomplish the goals:.


1. Hands on Training

2. One-on-one evangelism

3. Open-air street ministry

4. Spiritually relevant teaching

5. Use of your testimony to reach the lost

6. At Risk Youth outreach

7. Homeless ministry services

8. Group prayer and devotions


If you or your group are interested in coming and being a part of the 2014 DPEC please call 251-458-2788 or email:


We at Double Portion believe that answering the call to pray and fast is essential for victory in these dark hours.  For years we have seen the impact that individuals and churches have experienced from participating in our guided prayer and fasting times.  We call it going "20 Deep" and are now offering this help to those who need this extra focus.


“20 Deep” is a prayer and fasting partnership between Double Portion Ministries and you.  The term “20 deep”refers to the temperature and pressure change that can be physically measured after going 20 feet below the surface level.  Thus rather than straining at shallow attempts for life change, "20 Deep" strives to help individuals spiritually go below the surface of a normal prayer life.


Several times throughout the year we can help you to seek God through spontaneous and planned times of prayer and fasting. As your partner in this calling, we will tailor make prayer and study sessions for you by designing a specific encounter guideline that you can follow to assist you in your spiritual growth.


Some examples are:


1. Watchtower prayers= scheduled overnight or late night prayer times spent in intercession and scripture meditation.

2. Extended fasting= fasting that focuses on God’s specific assignments for deliverance or breakthrough.

3. Directional solitudes= helping individuals spiritually get their life realigned with God’s will.


Contact Double Portion Ministries to see how we can help you and your church conduct these powerful and life changing sessions.




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